Kosovo strategic country for potential investors from India

“Kosovo is the best strategic country for potential investors from India”, said for Radio Kosova, Chairman of the Indo-Kosovar Chamber (IKCOC), Anil Mishra. According to him, the absence of diplomatic relations is preventing the arrival of Indian investors in Kosovo.

In terms of trade exchanges, India by International Monetary Fund, is the seventh in the world economy. Businessmen from India walk around the world to seek new markets for investment, says Anil Mishra, Chairman of IKCOC. In his view, Kosovo is the ideal place to attract those potential investors.

“Kosovo is the best country for Indian potential strategic investors, for any investment. Because it is very close to Western Europe, so investors who want to have the market in the EU, this is the best place for them”, said Mishra.

He says that if any business from India wants to open factory in India, also it could do in Kosovo with the same costs.

anil_mishra“The tax system is good and you also have cheap labor force. We have many factories in India to produce auto parts for European companies, transportation is from India to Europe to take more time and cost. So if they are produced in Kosovo would be more profitable”, said Anil Mishra, Chairman of IKCOC.

Another possibility, according to him are agro-products, such as chicken or other meats, which are difficult to be brought from India to Europe or Asia.

“So those manufacturers are very interested in coming here, because they have wide market in Europe. I know many people and I have received requests from many businessmen from India”, says Mishra.

Chairman of India-Kosovar Chamber says Indians now possess strong global company.

“For example, the Landrover and Jaguar are owned by Indian company. Or automobile company Tata is the largest employer in the United Kingdom. I think the beginning is enough to start something here.”

But in his, the only problem is the lack of diplomatic relations between Kosovo and India. According to him, India has no reason not to recognize the Republic of Kosovo. But should slightly greater commitment by institutions.

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