Why India has Not Recognized Kosovo?

It’s a History when Kosovo got independent in year 2008 and India was shy recognizing it as an independent country. It’s under the Credit of India when they helped and supported Bangladesh to be independent from Pakistan. And the question is why to see Kosovo differently. Why they enforced their views on Kosovo to resume peaceful talks with Serbia, when it was worldwide known fact about a mass civil genocide by Serbia in this region.


As per the “The Hindu”, the daily India newspaper published by Arvind Shivramakrishnan and even before Kosovo’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) in February 2008, U.S. Ambassador to India David C. Mulford “urged” India to join the United States and “key European countries in recognizing Kosovo’s independence as early as possible after its expected declaration”, India rejected the idea and stood different than appealed.

As per the WikiLeaks, the three reasons given by the current foreign secretary Mr. Shivshankar Monon was: there is no defined Territory, no duly constituted Government and the Government should be accepted by the people and should have effective control over the entire region claimed.

What should be done?

When asked about the apprehensions of Kashmir issue against the recognition of Kosovo by Indian Government Mr. Anil Mishra, President Indo-Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (IKCOC) replied “Kashmir issue is entirely different than Kosovo recognition also United Nations has removed Jammu and Kashmir from its list of disputed territories and Indian diplomacy around the world is pro development and reforms, India has no reason to close their eyes towards Kosovo”.

Government of Kosovo should built up a strong diplomacy and collect all the possible energies to reach out Government of India. There has to be all possible efforts of front end and back end diplomacy coverage.

Kosovo has all the answers to their pride to be a sovereign nation and this has to be communicated to government of India to open their eyes and to start a new chapter of bilateral relationship between two countries. I can see both the countries will develop major interest and reasons to start and strengthen the relationship between both the countries.

As answered by Mr. Mishra, the diplomacy is a big hindrance between these two countries, and he strongly recommend a positive diplomacy to be started between the two countries in favor of mutual economic growth.


“Due to the lack of diplomacy we don’t have the legal institutional contacts between the countries, visa facilitation centers for an easy walk in, which is a preventing a smooth ride”, said Anil Mishra for GazetaEkonomia.

Also by Mr. Mishra, the Indian companies are already convinced to invest in foreign countries if the business is profitable, but the condition between India and Kosovo is not normal.

“The Indian entrepreneurs has emerged as one of the largest foreign investors worldwide, and India has emerged as one of the strongest performers in the deal-street across the world in mergers and acquisitions”, said Mishra, President of IKCOC.